Wes & Candice

Wes & Candice

Wes and I met 18 years ago at a youth group.  It was hardly love at first sight, but we both knew that there was more between us than a small spark!  We dated on and off all through high school and like most high school relationships, broke up and got back together a few times and eventually started seeing other people.  After high school Wes moved to England where he lived for 5 years.  Each time he came home to SA to visit his family, we would meet up for a coffee or a movie and inevitably that existing spark grew stronger and stronger.

In December of 2006 Wes was home for Christmas, and during his stay we spent a lot of time together.  By this stage our spark had turned into full blown flames and we had both fallen helplessly in love.  Sadly, his holiday had to come to an end and he returned to England.  3 months later, I was on a flight to England to be with him.  1 year after that, we were blessed with the birth of our daughter.   The rest is History…..

We’ve both known for as long as we can remember that we were always meant to be together forever, as soul mates.  18 years later, we are finally Husband and Wife and we couldn’t be happier.

We had a beautiful picnic wedding surrounded by our closest friends and family.  We wanted a small intimate ceremony, followed by a chilled but fun afternoon spent with our nearest and dearest.  Set in our beautiful garden, we couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather which was a huge relief considering our ceremony and reception was held outdoors!

Our wedding day was everything we could have dreamed of and more.  We wouldn’t change a single thing.

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