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The Welgemoed “New Member” Family shoot

The Welgemoed “New Member” Family shoot

So what I love about what I do is watching and working with people and seeing how their lives and families transform. This family lies close to my heart cause Karen lost her sister wks apart from me losing my mom and despite our losses we made her wedding day something special and it was exactly that as shes such a positive spirit I lover her to bits. Her family just glows off her and Hopefully these pics show that and Ive included two pics of the kids from the wedding in 2011  so you can see how grown up they have now become :-))

Welgemoed baby001 Welgemoed baby002 Welgemoed baby003 Welgemoed baby004 Welgemoed baby005 Welgemoed baby006 Welgemoed baby007 Welgemoed baby008 Welgemoed baby009 Welgemoed baby010 Welgemoed baby011 Welgemoed baby012 Welgemoed Baby013 Welgemoed baby014 Welgemoed baby015 Welgemoed baby016

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