Warren and Josie

Warren and Josie

Warren and Josie met one Saturday evening in Durban at a friends braai, a week after Valentines Day, 22 February 2014. Having met before it seemed on that day fate had allowed their paths to cross again and from that moment on their friendship continued to grow.Two days after Josie’s brothers wedding in July 2015, Warren had arranged for the whole family to be hiding at the top of the Oyster Box lighthouse bar to over look the Proposal on the beach in front of the lighthouse. As the weather was changing and the tide was about to wash them away he proposed. He asked her to stand and look back and to her surprise her family were there with balloons and champagne.

After viewing a few venues Camp Orchards was the one! Luckily someone had cancelled that week and the 23rd April 2016 became available. The beautiful surroundings, peaceful sense of nature and charm of the venue itself made it a perfect fit for our wedding. The small, quaint little chapel made it hard to resist the beauty of it all.

Our wedding day exceeded our expectations. Being able to celebrate with all our friends and family was incredibly special and we could not be more thankful that they all made the journey. Josie looks back at the moment when she entered the chapel, “I walked into the chapel and felt so emotional, trying to hold the tears back, I finally looked up and saw Warren the rest was history. It was the most incredible day of our lives – something we will never forget and will cherish those memories forever.















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