Tieneke & Wors

Tieneke & Wors

Tieneke & Wors met in 2006 in London. Both from South Africa, Tieneke from Johannesburg & Wors from a small town called Orkney in the North West Province. Little did these two strangers know that their working holiday in London would be the beginning of the rest of their lives together. The events leading up to the first time they met is a little like a Romantic Comedy… basically the only reason their paths crossed, was due to a delayed flight. Neither one of them were looking for love at the time, but according to Wors he knew it was love at first sight, when he first met Tieneke.  Tieneke argues, that it was the 1 litre Klipdrift Brandy, that she opened on their first date that sealed the deal.  The rest… as they say is history.

They moved back to South Africa in 2007, and decided to settle in Johannesburg. In 2013 while on holiday, with Tieneke’s family on the south coast in KZN, Wors popped the question. Well…he tried but Tieneke did not let him finish!

Tieneke knew that the only place she would ever want to get married is on a beach somewhere. Not having a specific place in mind Google became her best friend and Palm Dune reached the shortlist. Tieneke & Wors decided to go on a wedding-venue-roadtrip. When they drove through the entrance of Palm Dune they both knew that it was the perfect setting for their dream beach wedding. They officially tied the knot on 31 May 2014 at Palm Dune Beach Lodge in Blythedale.

“Our family and friends came from across the country to celebrate the day with us. It was so special to have all of them there to share in our happiness. We enjoyed every single minute! From the ceremony, through to the creative shoot & the speeches, the first dance & party! Our wedding day was everything and more that we expected. Despite the wind causing a bit of havoc, everything was perfect and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

We would love to re-live the day as it went by so quickly. We will cherish each memory for the rest of our lives. And when we suffer from memory loss we will re-live it through the photo’s…”

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