Tatum & Grant

Tatum & Grant

Lisha & Reuben were married at her moms house in Mt Edgecombe and then had their service at Mt Edgecombe Country Club they were a lovely couple to work with and their wedding as you can see was filled with color and love shared with their friends and family.ies, clubbing, celebrating 21sts  and 30ths, settling in the UK and exploring countries around the world together.

It was in Marmaris, Turkey when Grant finally decided that after seven years of love, laughter, friendship and fun, it was time to take the plunge. Whilst at a Turkish evening, Grant, ring in pocket, sat nervously through dinner and show after show until towards the end of the evening, just as the belly dancing was about to start, he was whisked away by the MC. Tatum thought that the only possible reason for this could be that he was going to take part in the show. (If you know Grant and understand his sense of humour and fun-loving nature, you will understand why!) Lighting low, string quartet playing, out he emerged microphone in hand calling Tatum into the arena. Dropping to one knee, in front of about 200 spectators, he asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. The love story was never going to end!

Living in London and planning a wedding in South Africa was not the easiest task. Two aspects of the wedding were simple, the DJ and photographer. The couple instantly fell in love with Stuart’s photographs and knew that he was the perfect photographer to capture every intimate, romantic and fun moment. They were also insistent on securing DJ Benny for the day. After travelling home and viewing many amazing wedding venues in KZN, it was the first venue visited that stole their hearts: Camelot! The chapel oozed passion, romance and beauty. It ticked every box… locality, a princess castle (for Tatum) over-looking a golf course (for Grant) and the romantic fairy-tale feel they envisaged.

The 17th of August 2013 was a sunny and warm winter’s day. The day was flawless: a dream come true! Walking down the aisle was emotional for both Grant and Tatum and it wasn’t long before tears were shed. This was the beginning of their forever! To share their love and vows and spend the day with family and special friends meant the world to them. The wedding party looked amazing and the speeches were a hit, reducing guests to both laughter and tears. Everything from the flowers, cake, music, decorations and bubbles to the delicious food and flowing booze, contributed to a flawless and fun day! Their fairy-tale wedding came to fruition.

Special thanks to all who were involved in helping us create our perfect wedding day!

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