Steve & Debbie

Steve & Debbie

Steve & Debbie were married at Cranford Lodge in the Midlands and what a great couple they just oozed a sense of love for each other not often witnessed at a wedding. They really did love each others sense of humour and we had great laughs together the entire day. The weather unfortunately started off great but as in usual December style decided a storm was in order so we only got a couple of creative images taken on the day and opted for a post shoot which turned out to be the best idea yet as we really captured some great light.o herewith the results of what was a lovely wedding at Cranford.

Debs_Steve001 Debs_Steve002 Debs_Steve003 Debs_Steve004 Debs_Steve005 Debs_Steve006 Debs_Steve007 Debs_Steve008 Debs_Steve009 Debs_Steve010 Debs_Steve011 Debs_Steve012 Debs_Steve013 Debs_Steve014 Debs_Steve015 Debs_Steve016 Debs_Steve017 Debs_Steve018 Debs_Steve019 Debs_Steve020 Debs_Steve021 Debs_Steve022 Debs_Steve023 Debs_Steve024 Debs_Steve025 Debs_Steve026 Debs_Steve027 Debs_Steve028 Debs_Steve029 Debs_Steve030 Debs_Steve031 Debs_Steve032 Debs_Steve033 Debs_Steve034 Debs_Steve035 Debs_Steve036 Debs_Steve037 Debs_Steve038 Debs_Steve039 Debs_Steve040 Debs_Steve041 Debs_Steve042 Debs_Steve043 Debs_Steve044 Debs_Steve045 Debs_Steve046 Debs_Steve047 Debs_Steve048 Debs_Steve049 Debs_Steve050 Debs_Steve051 Debs_Steve052 Debs_Steve053 Debs_Steve054 Debs_Steve055 Debs_Steve056 Debs_Steve057 Debs_Steve058 Debs_Steve059 Debs_Steve060 Debs_Steve061 Debs_Steve062 Debs_Steve063 Debs_Steve064 Debs_Steve065 Debs_Steve066 Debs_Steve067 Debs_Steve068 Debs_Steve069 Debs_Steve070 Debs_Steve071 Debs_Steve072 Debs_Steve073 Debs_Steve074 Debs_Steve075 Debs_Steve076 Debs_Steve077 Debs_Steve078 Debs_Steve079 Debs_Steve080 Debs_Steve081 Debs_Steve082 Debs_Steve083 Debs_Steve084 Debs_Steve085 Debs_Steve086 Debs_Steve087 Debs_Steve088 Debs_Steve089 Debs_Steve090 Debs_Steve091 Debs_Steve092

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