Simon & Daniela

Simon & Daniela

Who would have thought that a German spilling beer on a South African girl’s foot would have done the trick! Not your normal ‘go-to’ move when trying to get a girls attention-But it worked! That night will be a memory they look back on forever as it started a whole new chapter of their lives.

Simon & Daniela met at a typical American House party back in August 2009, Simon was In Atlanta studying computer science and Daniela was abroad for a year Au-pairing.

Since Simon and Daniela live in America they knew planning a wedding in South Africa would be hard work. Soon enough Simon worked his magic and they ended up based in Johannesburg for a year, this made wedding planning much easier and of course there was the plus of being so close to Daniela’s family and Friends.

Christmas of 2013 Daniela went out on search of the perfect fairy-tale venue, after long drives to the midlands and back, her heart was set with the Orchid House, Collisheen in Ballito. As soon as Daniela walked in she could see an image  her garden wedding in her mind and everything then fell into place.

Our wedding day experience was magical, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day, we had wonderful weather and found nothing better than enjoying our special day being surrounded by all the people that love and care for us.

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