Silindile and Ndimphiwe

Silindile and Ndimphiwe

Silindile and Ndimphiwe met at their church young adult network session of which Silindile was part of the planning team , Ndimphiwe was just staring at her the entire time. He then called to thank her for planning such a great session but ended up calling her every other week. He kept pursuing a date and Silindile wasn’t interested 8 months later she eventually went on the date just to get him off her case and make it clear… little did she know that one look into his big brown eyes and she was hooked, Ndimphiwe says he always knew that she was his wife. 2 & half years later it was their turn to walk down the aisle. We both love God, family , property & quality.

They fell in love with The Zunguness  because of its beautiful lush gardens (which did not work out due to the rainy cold weather but that could not stop them) and they were sold out on the concept of newly renovated white heaven reception hall that would have 15 crystal chandeliers and could hold their 300 honorable guests and that’s exactly what it turned out to be.

In their own words…
Our wedding was just heaven on earth from the misty forest, prompt vendors, breakfast in white gowns, warm ceremony filled with supportive family members & excited friends, good food, dreamy airy deco, beautiful speeches, great entertainment right up to “ama getdown” (crazy dance floor), gave us goosebumps and smiles from start to finish, We’ve never had so much fun, God’s presence was with us and we know we are blessed.

This day made the bumpy journey worth it and gave us a testimony that we can do all things thru Christ who strengthen us, and that nothing is impossible when we come together in one mind, one heart one goal and one language,  Two️ is most definitely better than one…


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