Shetil & Russell

Shetil & Russell

Shetil & Russell got married at the new venue Talloula on a beautiful day. They were a great couple to work with and Shetil had such a cute way about her which made them such a pleasure to photograph. They were so excited to commit to each other in front of their friends and family. They are both in the medical proffession and had come down from Joburg to get married in their hometown Durban where they both grew up.

They had such a colourful wedding with all the saries and beautiful food that was prepared by talloula and big thumbs up to them for great food prep and a great venue. Eeverything went off without a hitch and a great time was had by all at the reception. We held a photobooth and there were great laughs all round. I wish you both years of happiness together and hope you enjoy some of these memories captured on your big day xx

Shetil & Russell001 Shetil & Russell002 Shetil & Russell003 Shetil & Russell004 Shetil & Russell005 Shetil & Russell006 Shetil & Russell007 Shetil & Russell008 Shetil & Russell009 Shetil & Russell010 Shetil & Russell011 Shetil & Russell012 Shetil & Russell013 Shetil & Russell014 Shetil & Russell015 Shetil & Russell016 Shetil & Russell017 Shetil & Russell018 Shetil & Russell019 Shetil & Russell020 Shetil & Russell021 Shetil & Russell022 Shetil & Russell023 Shetil & Russell024 Shetil & Russell025 Shetil & Russell026 Shetil & Russell027 Shetil & Russell028 Shetil & Russell029 Shetil & Russell030 Shetil & Russell031 Shetil & Russell032 Shetil & Russell033 Shetil & Russell034 Shetil & Russell035 Shetil & Russell036 Shetil & Russell037 Shetil & Russell038 Shetil & Russell039 Shetil & Russell040 Shetil & Russell041 Shetil & Russell042 Shetil & Russell043 Shetil & Russell044 Shetil & Russell045 Shetil & Russell046 Shetil & Russell047 Shetil & Russell048 Shetil & Russell049 Shetil & Russell050 Shetil & Russell051 Shetil & Russell052 Shetil & Russell053 Shetil & Russell054 Shetil & Russell055 Shetil & Russell056 Shetil & Russell057 Shetil & Russell058 Shetil & Russell059 Shetil & Russell060 Shetil & Russell061 Shetil & Russell062 Shetil & Russell063 Shetil & Russell064 Shetil & Russell065 Shetil & Russell066 Shetil & Russell067 Shetil & Russell068 Shetil & Russell069 Shetil & Russell070 Shetil & Russell071

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