Professional Photography

By Stuart Dods



Stuart covers family shoots to maternity and newborn shoots through too modeling portfolios and corporate ids.



Stuart treats each wedding with the love and respect it deserves and understands the responsibility of this once in a lifetime occasion. Stuarts images aim to capture the fun of the day with a fun and natural feel.


Stuart works with various corporate companies to offer photographic services covering a wide array of services. Please contact him for any inquiries.



This is where Stuart can unleash his creativity with you and offer something different to what you will have on your wedding day so the idea is to come up with a theme for your shoot and let those creative juices unravel.


Show Reel


Photography is not about cameras gadgets and gismos. Photography is about photographers. A camera didn\’t make a great picture any more than a typewriter wrote a great novel

When we reflect we can see the whole picture

Q and A

How long have you been in Wedding Photography?

I have been working as professional wedding photographer since 2008.

Do you offer the High Res CD with your packages?

Yes I do !

Do you offer CD only packages?

No I don’t offer CD only packages as I then have no control over where the images are printed and their final presentation.

How far in advance do we have to book you?

For the Busy months namely March, April, May and December I would say good planning is 12 months in advance.

How many weddings do you shoot a month?

I like to restrict myself to 3 times a month so I can give each wedding the attention it deserves.

Do you work with an assistant?

Yes I do work with an assistant at every wedding.

How Long is your creative shoot & Is it not rude to keep guests waiting?

My creative shoot including bridal party “bridesmaids and groomsmen” is typically 1.5hrs long no more. To get natural looking images this time is crucial. Art is not created in a flash. I don’t believe its rude as your guests expect you to go and have photos taken. The important thing is to announce to guests the time of your arrival from the shoot so they are informed and can then do what they need to do while we are on the shoot. I also strongly advise always ensure your guests are comfortable during this time and kept fed and hydrated.

What time should my service be? 

This is a good? as light is crucial to good photography so this needs to be taken into account. My rule of thumb is a 2pm service for April to August. 2:30pm for March, September and Oct 3pm onwards for summer months Dec, Jan Feb.

Do you provisionally book dates for Brides

I am afraid from past experience I don’t. To make it fair to all brides bookings are strictly on a first paid booking fee and signed contract first secured basis.

How Many images do you shoot at a wedding?

This has to be my pet hate question only because it’s a hard one to answer. I am not a quantity but rather quality photographer so like each image to tell a story rather than a shotgun approach of shoot 1500 to 2000 average picks I prefer and generally shoot around 850 images over a 10 hour period of which 250 make it into the album.