Sarah & Richard

Sarah & Richard

Sarah & Richard came out from the UK to get married here in SA. Sarah is born and raised SA and met Richard on her new home being the UK. They got married at Sarah’s mom and Dads estate called Redlands in PMB. It was the perfect setting and a lot of planning had gone into their big day. Sarah was such a great bride and was so excited about her big day which was a great energy to feed off and she couldnt wait to jump into her wedding dress and marry the man of her dreams.

The weather played a bit of havoc on the day but as usual we managed to pull it off with a great couple and lots of love being shown and hope you guys enjoy the result.


Much Love Stu xx

Sarah & Richard001 Sarah & Richard002 Sarah & Richard003 Sarah & Richard004 Sarah & Richard005 Sarah & Richard006 Sarah & Richard007 Sarah & Richard008 Sarah & Richard009 Sarah & Richard010 Sarah & Richard011 Sarah & Richard012 Sarah & Richard013 Sarah & Richard014 Sarah & Richard015 Sarah & Richard016 Sarah & Richard017 Sarah & Richard018 Sarah & Richard019 Sarah & Richard020 Sarah & Richard021 Sarah & Richard022 Sarah & Richard023 Sarah & Richard024 Sarah & Richard025 Sarah & Richard026 Sarah & Richard027 Sarah & Richard028 Sarah & Richard029 Sarah & Richard030 Sarah & Richard031 Sarah & Richard032 Sarah & Richard033 Sarah & Richard034 Sarah & Richard035 Sarah & Richard036 Sarah & Richard037 Sarah & Richard038

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