Ryno & Monique

Ryno & Monique

Ryno & Monique’s love story started 8 years ago in Grade 11. They grew up in different cities, about 400km apart and even though Monique often went to Amanzimtoti for holidays with her family she could never have imagined that her dream husband was just around the corner.
Luckily in 2005 they moved to Amanzimtoti were Monique, an outgoing girl who loooves talking, started at her new school, Kuswag, where she met Ryno, the quiet, chilled guy.
Never would they have thought that they would end up together. After a year of being friends, their friendship started growing into something more…slowly but surely they started seeing each other differently. After walking the dogs on the beach and ending up holding hands instead of the leashes when the dogs got tangled, they realised that their little chats at break, laughs in science class and quick glances with a smile was more than what they thought. This was confirmed on a school camp where they shared their first kiss, the spark was undeniable. They were suddenly inseparable and their friends said they were like super and glue. On 3 Sept 2006 Ryno made it official when he asked her out and the rest was history. Their love grew more and more each day…in English class, where they were learning about Romeo and Juliet, Mrs Coertze said that they were her Shakespeare couple because of the love they have for each other. From then they have been supporting each other through life’s ups and downs, together nothing could ever get them down, with love and God on their side they grew stronger than ever.
Mrs Coertze’s theory was once again proven true on 15 June 2010 when Ryno popped the question…without hesitation Monique said YES!! Knowing that the wedding wouldn’t be in the near future as they were still only 21, they were sure that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. This was meant to be as they have always been best friends, soul mates and more in love than ever. After a long wait they eventually decided that it was now time.

After less than a month of looking for a venue we fell in love with The Windmills after seeing their stand at the NWJ Bridal Fair. Without even seeing it in person we decided that this will be the place for our dream wedding, the country feel, rustic look and simplicity was exactly what we were looking for. And so the date was set, 6 Sept 2014 would be the day we become husband and wife. The friendly and helpful staff made us confident that we would never regret this decision…it was in fact the best decision we ever made. They were there for us every step of the way exactly like they promised from day one. Philichia made our big day even more special with all her help and planning, nothing was ever too much trouble and she did everything with a big smile and lots of love.

Our BIG day was exactly the way we imagined and more! With all the details taken care of by Philichia, Ryan and The Windmills team we were able to enjoy every single moment and take it all in. Having our family and friends there to share it with us made us thankful for all the special people God has placed in our lives. We had a beautiful blessed day with sunny skies and an amazing sunset for our photos, which almost went wrong when one the bulls we were taking photos with decided to charge. Luckily Ryno, being the rugby centre that he is, decided to go for the bull instead of running away. After getting me out of the way, he went down as if he was going to tackle the bull which scared it and made it run away. This was a close call but an amazing experience to see that Ryno would truly do anything to protect me like he promised a few minutes ago in the chapel. After our special moments on the shoot we had an awesome reception where we danced and partied the night away with our loved ones…every now and then realising that the day we have been dreaming of for 8 years has come and gone, and that we were now officially Mr & Mrs Els…YAY!!!Monique_Ryno001 Monique_Ryno002 Monique_Ryno003 Monique_Ryno004 Monique_Ryno005 Monique_Ryno006 Monique_Ryno007 Monique_Ryno008 Monique_Ryno009 Monique_Ryno010 Monique_Ryno011 Monique_Ryno012 Monique_Ryno013 Monique_Ryno014 Monique_Ryno015 Monique_Ryno016 Monique_Ryno017 Monique_Ryno018 Monique_Ryno019 Monique_Ryno020 Monique_Ryno021 Monique_Ryno022 Monique_Ryno023 Monique_Ryno024 Monique_Ryno025 Monique_Ryno026 Monique_Ryno027 Monique_Ryno028 Monique_Ryno029 Monique_Ryno030 Monique_Ryno031 Monique_Ryno032 Monique_Ryno033 Monique_Ryno034 Monique_Ryno035 Monique_Ryno036 Monique_Ryno037 Monique_Ryno038 Monique_Ryno039 Monique_Ryno040 Monique_Ryno041 Monique_Ryno042 Monique_Ryno043 Monique_Ryno044 Monique_Ryno045 Monique_Ryno046 Monique_Ryno047 Monique_Ryno048 Monique_Ryno049 Monique_Ryno050 Monique_Ryno051 Monique_Ryno052 Monique_Ryno053 Monique_Ryno054 Monique_Ryno055 Monique_Ryno056 Monique_Ryno057 Monique_Ryno058 Monique_Ryno059 Monique_Ryno060 Monique_Ryno061 Monique_Ryno062 Monique_Ryno063 Monique_Ryno064 Monique_Ryno065 Monique_Ryno066 Monique_Ryno067 Monique_Ryno068 Monique_Ryno069 Monique_Ryno070 Monique_Ryno071 Monique_Ryno072 Monique_Ryno073 Monique_Ryno074 Monique_Ryno075 Monique_Ryno076 Monique_Ryno077 Monique_Ryno078 Monique_Ryno079 Monique_Ryno080 Monique_Ryno081 Monique_Ryno082 Monique_Ryno083 Monique_Ryno084 Monique_Ryno085 Monique_Ryno086 Monique_Ryno087 Monique_Ryno088 Monique_Ryno089 Monique_Ryno090 Monique_Ryno091 Monique_Ryno092 Monique_Ryno093 Monique_Ryno094 Monique_Ryno095 Monique_Ryno096 Monique_Ryno097 Monique_Ryno098 Monique_Ryno099 Monique_Ryno100

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