Roxanne & Elwin

Roxanne & Elwin

Roxanne and Elwin met back in 2008 at a party. Roxanne was still in high school and Elwin already at university. Neither of the two thought it would turn into something serious but it was the natural friendship between the two that kept showing them this was meant to be.
The pair dated for 7 years enduring a long distance relationship for 3 years whilst Roxanne went to university in Pretoria. Elwin waited patiently over 600km away. They definitely don’t miss the long bus trips and look forward to staying together in their own home. They began their hunt for their perfect venue and found it in February whilst attending the Windmills bridal fair. It was the chapel overlooking the lake, as well as the balance of modern glass mixed with rustic roof trusses of the glass venue that won the couples heart.
In Roxys own words..
Our wedding day was everything we imagined and more. We had beautiful scenery, friends, family and good food… what more could we ask for? Its one thing planning for months on end and then on the day seeing it all come together just as you imagined.
Our highlight of the day was trekking through the reserve with our photographer which was a first for us, definitely enjoyed this!

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