Rowan Stuart – Musician shoot

Rowan Stuart – Musician shoot

So this is my cousin Rowan a popular Musician with several Cds to his name. Rowan recently got signed too a Los Angeles management company and needed some Porti pics taken for them to punt him overseas. So the resulting images are the look and feel the LA guys wanted. A Big thanks to al the Businesses at Station Rd for the use of your premises. Partciular mention to Sean Roberts at S43 and Jason & Partner from The Distillery 031 at The Foundry. Your venues made us some awesome shots thanks to all.

And best of Luck too Rowan StuartRowan 0004 Rowan 0006Rowan 0002Rowan 0003Rowan 0001Rowan 0005Rowan 0011Rowan 0007Rowan 0009


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