Paul & Lisz

Paul & Lisz

Paul & Lisz met onboard a Qatar Airways flight to Johannesburg in November 2010. It was not a conventional meeting of two strangers, as Paul was one of the pilots and Lisz one of the members of crew onboard the flight. The whole trip consisted of another flight to Cape Town and back on the next day and it was on this trip that the two first began to strike up a conversation and realize that they shared something in common, a similar sense of humor.

 The banter back and forth would continue for a couple of weeks via facebook and text messages before Paul finally plucked up the courage to ask Lisz on a date. Lisz was unable to make the date that Paul had in mind as quite ironically she was going to be in Johannnesburg again with work, not to be turned down lightly Paul decided that if Lisz couldn’t come to him, then he would go to Lisz. And so he booked a flight to Johannesburg and they went for dinner together the next evening. This would be the start of a wonderful romance, three years and a move to another country later and Paul proposed in December 2013.

Paul and Lisz decided that they wanted to get married in South Africa and as it would be a winter wedding they wanted to get married in the snow capped peaks of the Drakensberg, however fate would play its card and after a few failed attempts at finding a venue they stumbled across Hartford House, a stunning wedding venue located in Mooi River. Lisz would then spend the next 6 months arranging the wedding from overseas and the staff at Hartford House did not let them down. Pauls’ family and friends travelled from the UK and around the world, for many of them it was the first time in South Africa and many of them commented on the spectacular views and stunning surroundings that were on offer. The wedding day itself was a huge success, from Scottish bagpipes and kilts to Delicious South African Steak and Wine. A fantastic coming together of people from all over the world to celebrate the marriage of Paul and Lisz and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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