Paul & Annelie

Paul & Annelie

So Paul & Annelie were my type of couple they were so excited about their big day and photography was a very Important part of that day. Annelie is an account director at a reputable ad agency so is extremely efficient on details and covering all angles but no matter how prepared you can be one can never control the weather “Believe me I know this from my industry” and while the brides have positive thinking and rain dances you have to have realistic Plan B 🙂

So the weather unfolded after the service and when i say it bucketed down im not lying. As you will see by the picks with brollies the couple braved the shower to get some picks on their special day and we then had to arrange another day shoot given the conditions were impossible to complete a whole shoot.

I think you will see the combination of the rainy along with the sunny picks made a great overall wedding memory come true. Thanks guys for being so cool and so much fun to work with it was great sharing your special day with you 🙂

Annelie & Paul001 Annelie & Paul002 Annelie & Paul003 Annelie & Paul004 Annelie & Paul005 Annelie & Paul006 Annelie & Paul007 Annelie & Paul008 Annelie & Paul009 Annelie & Paul010 Annelie & Paul011 Annelie & Paul012 Annelie & Paul013 Annelie & Paul014 Annelie & Paul015 Annelie & Paul016 Annelie & Paul017 Annelie & Paul018 Annelie & Paul019 Annelie & Paul020 Annelie & Paul021 Annelie & Paul022 Annelie & Paul023 Annelie & Paul024 Annelie & Paul025 Annelie & Paul026 Annelie & Paul027 Annelie & Paul028 Annelie & Paul029 Annelie & Paul030 Annelie & Paul031 Annelie & Paul032 Annelie & Paul033 Annelie & Paul034 Annelie & Paul035 Annelie & Paul036

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