Nokwe & Bandile

Nokwe & Bandile

Nokwe & Bandile met in medical school some 12 years ago when they were students. They were both involved in student politics and that’s how the friendship blossomed and much later in 2006, they had a short-lived romance and went their separate ways but remained best friends. Nokwethemba went to work in Johannesburg as an intern and later to Mpumalanga to do community service.  Bandile later moved to Gauteng for work and the friendship soon blossomed into a relationship 3 years later.

We choose Talloula for its simplicity as a venue that didn’t require too much work.  We are both very simple people who don’t like too many frills or any fuss. We just fell in love with it the first time we saw it. It was just perfect.

Bandile works as a Parliamentary Liaison Officer, Office of the Deputy Minister, Economic Development. Nokwethemba works for the Department of Health as a Clinical Manager at Far East Rand Hospital.

Bandiles whole life has been leading to this moment. I’ve often said to a couple of my friends that I would that I would not have done this marriage thing if it wasn’t with Noks. I would not have done it with anyone else. Our wedding day was the confirmation of that sentiment.Nokwethemba’s words: I’ve never been girlie girl so that statement about women planning their wedding day from the day they were born was just never true for me.  I never dream(t) or thought I would ever get married. This entire process of the traditional celebrations and ultimately the wedding day has been surreal to me.I am also not a crier and I don’t show my emotions easily.  With Bandile, I can be vulnerable and cry.  He is the one person who knows me and accepts me the way I am in every way, flaws and all. Good days and bad days. When you find that kind of love, the decision on whom to spend the rest of your life with comes naturally.

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  1. ‘Drunk in Loooooove…’ Enjoyed every moment I spent on this day…n than guys for that hip hop set on saturday night …

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