Nicole & Gaetano

Nicole & Gaetano

After having a holiday and some dance lessons in Italy in 2009 Nicole decided to make the move to follow her dream of ballroom dancing, but this didn’t go as planned and so she decided to become an Au pair and continue studying.  She stayed with her Au pair family on the island of Lampedusa for a month before starting work, this enabled her to get to know the family she was going to work with.  Little did she know that she would meet her future husband!  Gaetano the brother of her employer came to the island for his summer holiday and the rest was, as they say, history!

Nicole and Gaetano came out to South Africa in April last year for Nicole’s brothers wedding and announced their engagement while here. They looked around for a wedding venue and when they visited Penwarn Country Lodge they knew this would be perfect location for them, as it was in the most beautiful setting and had accommodation for their guests.  The wedding day could not have been more perfect, the sun shone the food was wonderful and Nicole and Gaetano were able to spend time with their family and friends, what more could they ask for?Nicole_Gaetano001 Nicole_Gaetano002 Nicole_Gaetano003 Nicole_Gaetano004 Nicole_Gaetano005 Nicole_Gaetano006 Nicole_Gaetano007 Nicole_Gaetano008 Nicole_Gaetano009 Nicole_Gaetano010 Nicole_Gaetano011 Nicole_Gaetano012 Nicole_Gaetano013 Nicole_Gaetano014 Nicole_Gaetano015 Nicole_Gaetano016 Nicole_Gaetano017 Nicole_Gaetano018 Nicole_Gaetano019 Nicole_Gaetano020 Nicole_Gaetano021 Nicole_Gaetano022 Nicole_Gaetano023 Nicole_Gaetano024 Nicole_Gaetano025 Nicole_Gaetano026 Nicole_Gaetano027 Nicole_Gaetano028 Nicole_Gaetano029 Nicole_Gaetano030 Nicole_Gaetano031 Nicole_Gaetano032 Nicole_Gaetano033 Nicole_Gaetano034 Nicole_Gaetano035 Nicole_Gaetano036 Nicole_Gaetano037 Nicole_Gaetano038 Nicole_Gaetano039 Nicole_Gaetano040 Nicole_Gaetano041 Nicole_Gaetano042 Nicole_Gaetano043 Nicole_Gaetano044 Nicole_Gaetano045 Nicole_Gaetano046 Nicole_Gaetano047 Nicole_Gaetano048 Nicole_Gaetano049 Nicole_Gaetano050 Nicole_Gaetano051 Nicole_Gaetano052 Nicole_Gaetano053 Nicole_Gaetano054 Nicole_Gaetano055 Nicole_Gaetano056 Nicole_Gaetano057 Nicole_Gaetano058 Nicole_Gaetano059 Nicole_Gaetano060 Nicole_Gaetano061 Nicole_Gaetano062 Nicole_Gaetano063 Nicole_Gaetano064 Nicole_Gaetano065 Nicole_Gaetano066 Nicole_Gaetano067 Nicole_Gaetano068 Nicole_Gaetano069 Nicole_Gaetano070 Nicole_Gaetano071 Nicole_Gaetano072 Nicole_Gaetano073 Nicole_Gaetano074 Nicole_Gaetano075 Nicole_Gaetano076 Nicole_Gaetano077 Nicole_Gaetano078 Nicole_Gaetano079 Nicole_Gaetano080 Nicole_Gaetano081 Nicole_Gaetano082 Nicole_Gaetano083 Nicole_Gaetano084 Nicole_Gaetano085 Nicole_Gaetano086 Nicole_Gaetano087 Nicole_Gaetano088 Nicole_Gaetano089 Nicole_Gaetano090 Nicole_Gaetano091 Nicole_Gaetano092 Nicole_Gaetano093 Nicole_Gaetano094 Nicole_Gaetano095 Nicole_Gaetano096 Nicole_Gaetano097 Nicole_Gaetano098 Nicole_Gaetano099

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  1. Stunning photos, Nicole is a friend of mine, I was not able to fly to SA for her wedding and was very upset, these photos give me a snapshot of her day, well much more than a snapshot, they have touched my heart.


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