Nelisiwe and Nkululeko

Nelisiwe and Nkululeko

We met while Nelisiwe was working and Nkululeko was on a business trip (from Pretoria) in Witbank. It was on the 18th of August 2010 through a mutual friend and coincidentally, it happened to be Nkululeko’s birthday.

He asked for my contacts from a friend and I agreed a friend gives him my details and the rest is history. After that he started visiting Witbank even on weekends, woul come to my place to visit from time to time and bring chocolates and flowers and Nelly would cook delicious food for him( he’s quite a sweet and caring Zulu guy).We chose The Zunguness because it’s located in the Midlands, since Nelly is from Durban, and we had guests travelling from Durban and Johannesburg and we felt it would be easy for them and also to be closer to the Grooms side in Estcourt (Emangweni) where the traditional wedding was going to take place the following day.We wanted a venue with an on-site chapel, accommodation and a hall (with catering facilities) and The Zunguness was one with those requirements. We also fell in love with the garden, the staff professionalism and the newly renovated hall of The Zunguness.It was raining but that didn’t stop us from having lots of fun. Our wedding was everything we prayed for, it was a perfect day to celebrate with our family and close-friends. We had a catholic wedding mass in a chapel followed by a reception at the hall.I was the most relaxed bride because I knew my wedding planner Debbie was taking care of everything from service providers to guests. As we look back to our wedding day, we are so thankful for being so blessed with supportive family and friends, I can simple say it was “OUR PERFECT WEDDING” LOL

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