Michelle and Jared

Michelle and Jared

Michelle and Jared met at Hops in June 2011. Jared was sitting at the bar and Michelle was doing her “Britney” dance nearby, and he signalled her to ask if she wanted a shooter. Michelle has never been one to say no to a Patron so it was as easy as that! They spent the rest of the night chatting, and had a great time. Jared spent a few hours later that night stalking ( … I mean searching) for Michelle on Facebook and they soon became inseparable.

Four years later, Jared organized an early morning helicopter ride on the premise that his pilot friend needed to accrue hours in order to maintain his license. While flying along the south beach coastline, Jared lent across and pointed for Michelle to look down at the beach. Drawn in the sand was a massive heart with the words “will you marry me” written in the middle of it. Michelle was completely oblivious at first and thought “how cute, someone is getting married” and as she turned around there was Jared holding up the ring. She was so excited, she almost forgot to say yes.

Michelle and Jared both wanted to keep their wedding intimate and simple. They chose Mt Edgecombe Country Club as their venue because of the beautiful plush greenery, the delicious food and the majestic dark wood bar that claimed its place as the feature of the room.

From Michelle:

Our wedding day was everything I had dreamt of and more. From the moment I woke up, not even the gloomy clouds that threatened the sky could take away the complete exhilaration I was feeling, and when they finally cleared the way for blue skies only moments before our ceremony, I knew it really was going to be the perfect day. I married the man of my dreams and got to share the special day with all of the people we love most in the world. I wish we could do every precious moment over and over again xxx

From Jared:

Could I have asked for anything more on my wedding day? Not a chance. From my beautiful wife who looked like an angel walking down the aisle to the spectacular weather we were blessed with. Both the venue and décor was amazing with tasty food and ever flowing drinks. Heartfelt speeches were heard by all and to end off the night by lighting up of the dance floor with the odd photo booth craziness. These are what memories of a day that will never be forgotten are made of …..And I got to share it all with the love of my life and closest family and friends.

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