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Mauritius Destination Wedding with Courtney &  Louis

Mauritius Destination Wedding with Courtney & Louis

I’m so excited to share my latest Mauritius destination wedding with you. Having worked in the wedding industry for close to a decade, destination weddings are surely the cherry on top when it comes to being hired to do what I love best. Whether shooting locally or abroad I always need to rely on my experience to guide me through and in this case it proved ever the success.

I’ve never been to Mauritius so when the bride’s sister Lauren, who has been a client of mine for a few years called me to say her sister needed a photographer for her wedding abroad it made instant sense to chat and see if I was the man for the job.
Before I knew it Courtney called me and we were planning the trip, where I would capture their wedding day in Mauritius. It was such an honor after also being privileged enough to shoot in the South of France last year. I was ready for a new challenge in a different location and setting.
Having worked with the family before shooting Lauren and Sean’s wedding it was so great to now capture Courtney and Louis special day too.
After a long day of travelling I finally arrived in Mauritius on Sunday evening and settled into my room. On the Monday morning when I opened my curtains I was met with the view a view of paradise! It was nothing short of breathtaking and everything the island lived up to by reputation. I was instantaneously excited and immediately made my way down to the beach to explore. After breakfast I wanted to craft a plan of action for Tuesday’s wedding and shoot and decided to go scouting along the coast and outside of the resort’s boundaries. Along the coastline I discovered several ideal spots for the big day and felt confident it would create the perfect backdrop to their love-filled day. Surely any photographers dream!

On Monday afternoon we had a rehearsal and the weather turned for the worse, island life equals four seasons in a day. The service was set for 3:30pm which I felt was now going to be too late given Tuesday’s rainy, cloudy forecast. So I decided to take a risk and advise Courtney to bring her service forward too 2pm. This of course put a few people under pressure at the resort, but in hindsight it was the best decision we could have made as we literally took the last creative photo on Tuesday and the heavens opened. Perfect timing or what!
The couple had the most magical and amazing day with their nearest and dearest celebrating with them. From strolling along the shoreline, to truly taking in the aqua blue of the water… the couple had the best of nature complementing their love as I guided them through their shoot. Throw in some tropical inspired decor and a festive party to end off a beautiful day and we were set. A celebration in its truest form.

Courtney and Louis I cannot thank you enough for choosing me and entrusting me to shoot your amazing Mauritian union together.

I wish you both much love and hope you treasure your images for years to come.


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