Lisa & Justin

Lisa & Justin

Lisa & Justin met whilst working at Butcher Boys over 10 years ago, it’s amazing how time flies when your with the one you love.  Its actually a funny and quirky story of how they chose Providence, they were driving around the midlands looking at venues and when they drove up that beautiful tree lined driveway towards Providence there were two African Hoopoes (birds) sitting on the grass – Justin proposed to Lisa at Umzolozolo Lodge in the Nambiti Game Reserve, Umzolozolo is the Zulu word for Hoopoe and the lodge has a Hoopoe as their logo – so when they saw them sitting there they just knew this was the venue for them and after meeting Kevin & Fern that just cemented it in their minds & Hearts.
Their wedding day was absolutely magical, when Lisa was walking down the aisle and saw Justin waiting for her everyone else melted away and it was just the two of them, their love and knowing she was marring the man of her dreams, her soul mate. They really couldn’t have asked for a more perfectly happy day, We don’t think one thing went wrong and with Kevin & Fern at the helm we doubt anything would have gone wrong. We just wish we could do it all over again!

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