Kerry & Alfred

Kerry & Alfred

Kerry and Alfred met 5 years ago… through rather traumatic circumstances. A mutual friend misunderstood the meaning of a red robot. An ankle was severely damaged in the process. Kerry was subsequently invited to the “cast coming off party” where she met an old piece of cheese and a guy that never bought her flowers. The rest is history … Kerry was invited to the next group gathering where the couple met. Kerry thought Alfred was grumpy and unfriendly but after a group week-end away at Sun City … It was love and in October of 2009 they officially become a couple. In 2011 they bought their first house together and in October 2013 got engaged.

When we got engaged, we knew that we wanted a wedding in the Midlands, a place that had become very special to us, and on a weekend trip with Kerry’s parents, we found our ultimate venue. Providence offered everything that we could have asked for, with its picturesque gardens and intimate chapel. So we set the date, 20 September 2014, as the first day of our new life together. Once we got started and had Fern & Kevin there to help every step of the way, we knew that we had made the best decision possible.

Our BIG day was everything that we could have imagined. Our friends and family coming all that way to celebrate the start of our life together, was more than we could have asked for and the love that we felt on the day made it even more memorable. The weather may have been ‘slightly’ chilly but as the party got started at the reception all of that was forgotten, as we partied late into the night. Now it seems the day that we planned for and waited for, for almost a year is gone and we are now officially a family… Mr & Mrs DeBruyn xxKerry_Al001 Kerry_Al002 Kerry_Al003 Kerry_Al004 Kerry_Al005 Kerry_Al006 Kerry_Al007 Kerry_Al008 Kerry_Al009 Kerry_Al010 Kerry_Al011 Kerry_Al012 Kerry_Al013 Kerry_Al014 Kerry_Al015 Kerry_Al016 Kerry_Al017 Kerry_Al018 Kerry_Al019 Kerry_Al020 Kerry_Al021 Kerry_Al022 Kerry_Al023 Kerry_Al024 Kerry_Al025 Kerry_Al026 Kerry_Al027 Kerry_Al028 Kerry_Al029 Kerry_Al030 Kerry_Al031 Kerry_Al032 Kerry_Al033 Kerry_Al034 Kerry_Al035 Kerry_Al036 Kerry_Al037 Kerry_Al038 Kerry_Al039 Kerry_Al040 Kerry_Al041 Kerry_Al042 Kerry_Al043 Kerry_Al044 Kerry_Al045 Kerry_Al046 Kerry_Al047 Kerry_Al048 Kerry_Al049 Kerry_Al050 Kerry_Al051 Kerry_Al052 Kerry_Al053 Kerry_Al054 Kerry_Al055 Kerry_Al056 Kerry_Al057 Kerry_Al058 Kerry_Al059 Kerry_Al060 Kerry_Al061 Kerry_Al062 Kerry_Al063 Kerry_Al064 Kerry_Al065 Kerry_Al066 Kerry_Al067 Kerry_Al068 Kerry_Al069 Kerry_Al070 Kerry_Al071 Kerry_Al072 Kerry_Al073 Kerry_Al074 Kerry_Al075 Kerry_Al076 Kerry_Al077 Kerry_Al078 Kerry_Al079 Kerry_Al080 Kerry_Al081 Kerry_Al082 Kerry_Al083 Kerry_Al084 Kerry_Al085 Kerry_Al086 Kerry_Al087 Kerry_Al088 Kerry_Al089 Kerry_Al090 Kerry_Al091 Kerry_Al092 Kerry_Al093 Kerry_Al094 Kerry_Al095 Kerry_Al096 Kerry_Al097 Kerry_Al098 Kerry_Al099 Kerry_Al100 Kerry_Al101 Kerry_Al102 Kerry_Al103 Kerry_Al104 Kerry_Al105 Kerry_Al106 Kerry_Al107 Kerry_Al108 Kerry_Al109 Kerry_Al110 Kerry_Al111 Kerry_Al112 Kerry_Al113 Kerry_Al114 Kerry_Al115 Kerry_Al116 Kerry_Al117 Kerry_Al118

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