John & Megan

John & Megan

John and Megan met one Saturday afternoon at church in March 2008. After being introduced to each other by a friend of John’s who happened to sit next to Megan and hear her sing, she was convinced to join the church youth band to share her musical talents with John.

John immediately felt drawn to Meg’s (as he affectionately began calling her) beauty and angelic voice, and since then there have been many other names, laughs John. As they began spending more time together through the band and with each other they found that they had many common interests together, one being music and sport. After a period of time, in 2011 they finally both decided it was time to pursue a long term relationship and give the Love which had grown between them a chance.

Fast-forward to January 2015, John took Megan away to the Drakensberg, Cathedral Peak Hotel for a short break. They both shared a love of the outdoors and God’s creation and so the Berg was the ideal place for them to re-energise. However, little did Megan know that her dear John had a surprise for her. Taking Megan up to 10,000 feet by helicopter, and landing on top of one of the most beautiful settings in the country, John went down on one knee and asked her to be his wife on a memorable Berg sunset.

They chose the Drakensberg mountains at Cathedral Peak hotel as the venue for their wedding. This venue holds so many memories for John as a young boy where he would go on climbing expeditions with his dad, but also for him and his wife, to remember the day their commitment began together.

“Our day was absolutely magical, indescribable and the close friends and family who we chose to share it with made it unforgettable”. Megan looks back at the moment she entered the chapel, “I walked into the chapel and felt so nervous, and trying to hold the tears back, I finally found the face of my John and suddenly everything all made sense and then I really couldn’t hold the emotions anymore. The best part was knowing, as I walked out the chapel, that I was now holding my best friend’s, who was now my husband’s, hand and that our union is now blessed by God.

Thank you to Stuart Dods for capturing our beautiful moments on our day. We also appreciate his fun, caring and spontaneous personality which provided us with a good laugh and many memories. Without his creativity and skill we wouldn’t have these beautiful pictures to keep and remember our day for the rest of our lives.

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