Jason & Tuanette

Jason & Tuanette

Jason and Tuanette met 8 years ago at Jason’s works Christmas party. Tuanette was there with one of her friends. As life would have it, Tuanette grew up around cars and loves fast cars and good sound. Her father being a mechanic and she would always learn from her step-dad as he was “servicing” their car at home. Tuanette calls this a blessing and curse. Jason is your typical “race-car driver”, spending every second he has spare working on his car at home, fiddling with sound or at one or another car event or track day.

So when Jason’s car’s cambelt snapped in 2012, Tuanette sent him a message on facebook to find out why he broke his car, and there they started chatting away. Till the day Jason decided to send Tuanette his number, but only after she gave him a mouth full she sent him a message anyways.

They went to the movies which Jason refers to as their first date, however Tuanette doesn’t agree. Jason started “stalking” Tuanette and would arrive at her house and then sent her a message saying he is outside, and was wondering if they could do something, whether it was sitting at home or going out Jason didn’t mind.

Tuanette and her step-dad had a bike accident on their way to Margate. Tuanette just got some roasties and a few scratches, her step-dad wasn’t so lucky and off to the hospital they went. On the way to the hospital Tuanette told Jason about the accident and he was ready to go and help however he could. And that was when Jason realized how he felt about her.

The next day, Jason arrived at Tuanette’s sister’s place where she was staying to recover with chocolates, a card and a voucher for R&R at his place. Tuanette took him up on his offer and a few months later were inseparable.

Jason has a little list of how life should be: First you fall in love, then you buy a house, get engaged, plan your wedding and then start a family. After a year and a half, Tuanette knew that she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life without him and started looking at houses, a few months later they bought their first house.

3 months after buying their house, Jason knew that life without Tuanette wasn’t an option. It was time to ask the Big Question. Jason and Tuanette were planning to take a day’s leave on a Friday after a night out celebrating their 2 year anniversary, but Tuanette couldn’t get the day off. So while at work, Jason set up a timeline of their relationship with a rose petal path through the house to their bedroom. He was all dressed up and made a heart with the petals on their bed. To Jason’s surprize Tuanette arrived home early and just as he was done. Tuanette followed the path and when she got to Jason and he started talking, she stopped him to make sure he had her parents blessing. As Jason said he did, Tuanette didn’t give him a change to carry on and says YES! Only after a few tears of joy, Tuanette asked him to tell her what he was planning to say.

Tuanette started planning their special day straight away, doing their own wedding stationary and making décor. Tuanette being a very easy going person knew exactly what she wanted and there was just no compromise. After booking a venue, Tuanette received a call no bride ever wants to receive. The venue they booked was sold and they would no longer get married there. Straight away Tuanette started looking for new venues and found The Secret Garden. They popped by to have a look and instantly fell in love with the venue. Realizing that it was a blessing what happened. Tuanette and Jason loves the outdoors and loved every tree, bush, pond and detail at The Secret Garden, and knew it was meant to be.

Their wedding day was overcast and even thou everyone though it might clear, it drizzled non-stop and rained the whole day. However this wouldn’t get them down or spoil their special day.


Our wedding day was more than we could ever ask for! The tears, laughs, love and excitement that morning and the rest of the day was mind blowing. We wouldn’t change one thing – Not even the weather, every drop was blessings from above. Stuart thanks for catching every special moment for us and making us both feel so comfortable in front of the camera. The silly comments and jokes made it so easy to work with you. “Too much of happiness” are words that will always take us back to our special day.

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