Jannie & Ava

Jannie & Ava

Back in January of 2006 as a dancing girl desperately trying to find a decent male partner, I frantically put the word out there, that I was “on the market”. A mutual friend introduced us with the intention of me having a dancing try out with a friend of Jannie’s. This try out ended quite swiftly and Jannie quickly tried out with me when his friend left. The connection was immediate, the spark was intense, we just hit it off right away. Jannie’s charm and wit captured me, we started dating a few months later and have been together through thick and thin since.The Windmills is an exceptionally beautiful venue. The chapel over the lake is picturesque, the reception venue warm and cosy and the floor was a huge selling point as well, as dancers we just knew that floor would be great to dance on and it was sufficient in size.

Just a couple months before the wedding, we still weren’t quite sure exactly what we wanted or expected from the day. As the bride, I was still not certain about what I wanted, I had not dreamed of my wedding day for years like most girls do. Our wedding however was exactly as I think I wanted it to be. My handsome groom looking at me with such adoration and satisfaction, the most beautiful speeches, which will never be forgotten. The 3 things that mattered most on the day family, friends and lots of love. It didn’t matter about all the glitz and glamour. The love we felt and experienced on our wedding day between each other and our guests was so special and totally unforgettable.

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