Janine & Bruce

Janine & Bruce

Bruce met Janine when she was born! Their parents are long-time great friends; so Bruce and Janine essentially grew up together. Bruce moved to KZN for work about five years before Janine moved to KZN for work too. Janine’s father asked Bruce to “please look after his little girl”… This is when the spark first began. They had been together for about two years before Bruce proposed to Janine on the tranquil rocky beach of Pennington.

The wedding plans began almost immediately, and choosing a wedding venue was their first priority. They eventually settled on the Midlands as their area of choice, but the difficult task of finding a wedding venue had only just begun. Providence was the very first venue that they saw. Kevin spent over an hour showing them the ins and outs of the venue. They had a look at two more venues but Providence was still BIG in their minds. They eventually made the decision to put their trust into Kevin and Fern – and what a beautiful and memorable occasion it turned out to be!

“As cliché as this sounds, our wedding couldn’t have been more perfect. The minister was very light-hearted yet serious with his sermon, and he kept it short and sweet and succinct. The candles on the tables in the reception area created a romantic ambience and were very handy when a huge electric thunderstorm tripped the lights! And even though the two back-up generators failed, we wouldn’t have changed a thing. All the parties involved in the wedding (i.e. Kevin, Fern, the florist, the DJ, the cake-lady, Alan Blackman the minister, etc) worked so well as a team and never let us down. A special mention must be made about the DJ – Neil from Sound Mechanix – who read our crowd like a book and therefore played the best music ever! And finally, to Stuart – our hyper-active, very professional, and fun photographer – you were awesome and you made us feel incredible. Our wedding day was beautiful, simple, fresh, organised, fun and enjoyable.”

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