Ian & Drisha

Ian & Drisha

Ian and Drisha met at the most romantic of locations…the Baron in Sandton. They were introduced to each other by a mutual friend and, after a couple of phone calls and “conveniently” bumping into each other on a few occasions, they started dating in 2008. After dating for around six years, they got engaged while eating oysters, drinking champagne and watching the sun set over the Knysna lagoon. They have shared some amazing experiences together (including trips overseas and within South Africa and many, many bottles of wine) and they can’t wait to see what the future has planned for them.

They decided to get married on the weekend of 7 February 2015. They wanted their wedding to be a weekend of fun and a blend two cultures. The weekend consisted of a traditional Mendi night on the Thursday and the wedding itself on the Saturday.

The location for the wedding did lead to some disagreement between Ian and Drisha. Ian is a Jo’burg boy and wanted to get married there, while Drisha, who is from Durban, wanted to get married get married in KZN. So, they spoke about it, compromised and decided to get married in KZN. They have always loved the Midlands and thought that it would be the perfect spot for the wedding.

They did a trip there to look at a few venues and immediately fell in love with Orchards. It’s a relatively new venue situated in the Caversham Valley. The venue has a country-chic feel, is surrounded by rolling green fields and offers stunning views of the neighbouring farms. This is all topped off by a stream that runs along the edge of the property. Ian and Drisha love natural beauty and being outdoors, so the venue was perfect for them.

The whole wedding experience (including the Mendi night) was more than either of them could ever have hoped for. Despite predictions of heavy rain for weeks before the wedding, the weather held out and everything went according to plan. Being surrounded by their closest friends and family meant so much to them and they were truly grateful that so many people made the effort to celebrate their marriage with them. Guests were treated to a few surprises including Drisha walking down the aisle to Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” and a family flash mob to “Thriller”. They laughed, danced and held back tears. It was the perfect blend of traditional, modern and pop culture.

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