Hema & Calvin

Hema & Calvin

Hema & Calvin got married at Braeside and as with traditional weddings they are always full of color and vibrance. They were both excited to share their day with friends and family in Dbn as they are based in Gauteng. Everything went according to plan and their were a few surprises up their sleeves too when they had a Bollywood singer and dancers do a show at the reception along with their own twist on their first dance which went down a nice hit. Their creative shoot provided beautiful light on the day and hopefully the memories captured here reflect the beauty of the love these two share.

Hema & Calvin001 Hema & Calvin002 Hema & Calvin003 Hema & Calvin004 Hema & Calvin005 Hema & Calvin006 Hema & Calvin007 Hema & Calvin008 Hema & Calvin009 Hema & Calvin010 Hema & Calvin011 Hema & Calvin012 Hema & Calvin013 Hema & Calvin014 Hema & Calvin015 Hema & Calvin016 Hema & Calvin017 Hema & Calvin018 Hema & Calvin019 Hema & Calvin020 Hema & Calvin021 Hema & Calvin022 Hema & Calvin023 Hema & Calvin024 Hema & Calvin025 Hema & Calvin026 Hema & Calvin027 Hema & Calvin028 Hema & Calvin029 Hema & Calvin030 Hema & Calvin031 Hema & Calvin032 Hema & Calvin033 Hema & Calvin034 Hema & Calvin035 Hema & Calvin036 Hema & Calvin037 Hema & Calvin038 Hema & Calvin039 Hema & Calvin040 Hema & Calvin041 Hema & Calvin042 Hema & Calvin043 Hema & Calvin044 Hema & Calvin045 Hema & Calvin046 Hema & Calvin047 Hema & Calvin048

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