Helen & Justin

Helen & Justin

Justin first saw Helen in 2008 in an album her mom used to carry around with her in her handbag. He was with his parents at a braai and Helens parents were mutual friends of this couple. In true mother style she heard Justin was single and within seconds had an album out showing off her daughter that had recently returned from London.   However it was not until 2011 when Helen found her passion for training again that she first caught a glimpse of Justin at the Virgin Active Gym in La Lucia.Helen had no idea who this guy was, but she knew she wanted to! Thank you to Facebook, Twitter and a friend who had very good detective skills, within days we had a name, friends in common, knew he was single where he worked and what car he drove!! There was a lot of plotting and scheming to get Justin to her 33rd birthday party and the rest of the story Helen left to my imagination….Justin proposed to Helen on the Celebrity Silhouette on her birthday 2 years later whilst cruising the Amalfi coast!

On returning to South Africa they took a trip to Natal Midlands with 3 venues in mind, but after one look at Providence, meeting Fern and the fact that Kevin kept bees, they looked no further! Justin and his dad had been bee keeping since he was a boy. The date was set..“Before we knew it the wedding weekend arrived! We had all of our family from the UK, SA and our incredible friends surrounding us. We embraced every moment, we cried and laughed and cried some more ! From the moment the chapel doors opened and our eyes met, we knew in our hearts this was meant to BEE Bells_Justin001 Bells_Justin002 Bells_Justin003 Bells_Justin004 Bells_Justin005 Bells_Justin006 Bells_Justin007 Bells_Justin008 Bells_Justin009 Bells_Justin010 Bells_Justin011 Bells_Justin012 Bells_Justin013 Bells_Justin014 Bells_Justin015 Bells_Justin016 Bells_Justin017 Bells_Justin018 Bells_Justin019 Bells_Justin020 Bells_Justin021 Bells_Justin022 Bells_Justin023 Bells_Justin024 Bells_Justin025 Bells_Justin026 Bells_Justin027 Bells_Justin028 Bells_Justin029 Bells_Justin030 Bells_Justin031 Bells_Justin032 Bells_Justin033 Bells_Justin034 Bells_Justin035 Bells_Justin036 Bells_Justin037 Bells_Justin038 Bells_Justin039 Bells_Justin040 Bells_Justin041 Bells_Justin042 Bells_Justin043 Bells_Justin044 Bells_Justin045 Bells_Justin046 Bells_Justin047 Bells_Justin048 Bells_Justin049 Bells_Justin050 Bells_Justin051 Bells_Justin052 Bells_Justin053 Bells_Justin054 Bells_Justin055 Bells_Justin056 Bells_Justin057 Bells_Justin058 Bells_Justin059 Bells_Justin060 Bells_Justin061 Bells_Justin062 Bells_Justin063 Bells_Justin064 Bells_Justin065 Bells_Justin066 Bells_Justin067 Bells_Justin068 Bells_Justin069 Bells_Justin070 Bells_Justin071 Bells_Justin072 Bells_Justin073 Bells_Justin074 Bells_Justin075 Bells_Justin076 Bells_Justin077 Bells_Justin078 Bells_Justin079 Bells_Justin080 Bells_Justin081 Bells_Justin082 Bells_Justin083 Bells_Justin084 Bells_Justin085 Bells_Justin086 Bells_Justin087 Bells_Justin088 Bells_Justin089 Bells_Justin090 Bells_Justin091 Bells_Justin092 Bells_Justin093 Bells_Justin094 Bells_Justin095 Bells_Justin096 Bells_Justin097 Bells_Justin098 Bells_Justin099 Bells_Justin100 Bells_Justin101 Bells_Justin102 Bells_Justin103 Bells_Justin104 Bells_Justin105 Bells_Justin106 Bells_Justin107 Bells_Justin108 Bells_Justin109 Bells_Justin110 Bells_Justin111 Bells_Justin112 Bells_Justin113 Bells_Justin114 Bells_Justin115 Bells_Justin116 Bells_Justin117 Bells_Justin118 Bells_Justin119 Bells_Justin120 Bells_Justin121 Bells_Justin122 Bells_Justin123 Bells_Justin124 Bells_Justin125 Bells_Justin126 Bells_Justin127 Bells_Justin128 Bells_Justin129 Bells_Justin130 Bells_Justin131 Bells_Justin132 Bells_Justin133 Bells_Justin134 Bells_Justin135 Bells_Justin136 Bells_Justin137 Bells_Justin138 Bells_Justin139 Bells_Justin140 Bells_Justin141 Bells_Justin142 Bells_Justin143 Bells_Justin144 Bells_Justin145 Bells_Justin146 Bells_Justin147 Bells_Justin148 Bells_Justin149 Bells_Justin150 Bells_Justin151 Bells_Justin152 Bells_Justin153 Bells_Justin154 Bells_Justin155 Bells_Justin156 Bells_Justin157 Bells_Justin158 Bells_Justin159 Bells_Justin160 Bells_Justin161 Bells_Justin162 Bells_Justin163 Bells_Justin164 Bells_Justin165 Bells_Justin166 Bells_Justin167 Bells_Justin168 Bells_Justin169 Bells_Justin170 Bells_Justin171 Bells_Justin172 Bells_Justin173 Bells_Justin174 Bells_Justin175 Bells_Justin176 Bells_Justin177 Bells_Justin178dlands!”

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