Gillian & Edward

Gillian & Edward

Gillian and Edward got married at the beautiful Lythwood Lodge. The weather had a different game plan for Gillian and Edward.  The day ended up quite nippy and rainy but they were not going to let that deter them from sharing their special day with their nearest and dearest. Lythwood had a dramatic look and feel with the mist and drizzly weather and rolling fields with livestock for miles.

Gillian and Edward have two gorgeous little boys who took part in their day and all their friends and family mostly from Gauteng joined in for the fesitivities. It turned out to be a great wedding and here is a sneak peek Blog from the days events.

The Night shot

This happened at the last minute. We spontaneously and we braved the rain and cold evening to get a night shot. As you can see I think we can all agree it paid dividends in the end xx

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