Gary and Tamryn

Gary and Tamryn

“Gary and Tam met nine years ago at the UKZN Canoe Club orientation day in Durban. Tam fell hopelessly in love at first sight and spent the better half of two weeks there after trying to get Gary to notice her. Some called it stalking but Tam says it was: “… identifying what I wanted and working hard to get it (I mean him)”. When he eventually did notice her, Gary fell, hook, line and sinker and knew she was the one. Seven years later – after a lot of hard work at University, the start of their careers, deaths, births and weddings, community service, bouts of long distance and their first home together, this Doctor-Lawyer pair tied the knot in a stunning ceremony at Lambert House boutique hotel in Morningside, Durban. Gary and Tam are both loyal, purebred Durbanites and wanted to celebrate their day in the city they love. They chose Lambert House as a ceremony venue because of the stunning historic baron house which was revived into a boutique hotel in 2015. With its vintage, luxurious feel and the amazing staff at Centre Piece Catering, the ceremony was a relaxed, contented and intimate affair celebrating the commitment between two people before family and friends.”

–        From Tam

“Our wedding day was absolutely amazing even in the pouring rain! We had so much fun and couldn’t get over how gorgeous everything looked and how smoothly the day ran. The 18months of planning and the efforts of all of our service providers really paid off. We were so grateful to spend such a significant, special moment in our relationship with our closest friends and family. We kind of want to get married again just to experience that exhilaration and happiness (at that level) all over again! What an amazing memory to treasure forever”












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