Ettiene & Candice

Ettiene & Candice

Ettiene & Candice met almost 10 years ago through mutual friends and hit it off immediately. Their first date was a trip to the movies which Ettiene slept throughout only because he had already seen the movie but did not have the heart to tell Candice. Their years together are filled with many exciting, eventful and funny stories and they look forward to all those still too come.

Choosing a wedding venue was a tiring task but Simbithi Country Club ticked all the boxes on their list. It had the amazing views, great tasting food but also staff who were extremely friendly and helpful and took the time to get to know the couple as individual people.

Their wedding day was absolutely amazing from start to finish and to have all their family and friends share in the memories meant the world to them. Even though there was load shedding through the reception, this proved to be no match to the partying and celebrations on the day. Let’s just say that Ettiene’s solo dance definitely be a topic of conversation for many years to come.

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