Erica & Jason

Erica & Jason

This couple recently wed at Shalwyn estate. Erica is a project planner so very on the ball with what she wanted for her big day to run smoothly and I am sure she was a happy lady given it all ran like clockwork orange.

The weather held up for them and they were blessed with an amazing day. They were lovely to work with and both so in love you could see through the way they looked at each other and most importantly they laughed together & we had a great time working with the two of them.

The rest of the evening turned into a good party and a good time was had by all friends and family reconnecting again.

I wish you both all the best and thanks for allowing me to share your special day with you both.

Erica & Jason001 Erica & Jason002 Erica & Jason003 Erica & Jason004 Erica & Jason005 Erica & Jason006 Erica & Jason007 Erica & Jason008 Erica & Jason009 Erica & Jason010 Erica & Jason011 Erica & Jason012 Erica & Jason013 Erica & Jason014 Erica & Jason015 Erica & Jason016 Erica & Jason017 Erica & Jason018 Erica & Jason019 Erica & Jason020 Erica & Jason021 Erica & Jason022 Erica & Jason023 Erica & Jason024 Erica & Jason025 Erica & Jason026 Erica & Jason027 Erica & Jason028 Erica & Jason029 Erica & Jason030 Erica & Jason031 Erica & Jason032 Erica & Jason033 Erica & Jason034 Erica & Jason035 Erica & Jason036

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