Ebin & Tenille

Ebin & Tenille

2013 marks 12 years of love shared between Ebin & Tenille. They met at school, where their friendship grew into trust and flourished into the love we see today. It was only when Ebin went overseas that Tenille realized she didn’t want to live another day without him by her side. Upon his visit back home, Ebin proposed and a teary Tenille accepted without hesitation. With dreams of an intimate wedding, surrounded by the beauties of nature and the changes that come with winter months, June, 15th marked the wedding day. Cranford was the first and only venue she had visited (and this in the winter months) Walking down to the lapa her heart was filled with love, as the winter strain had changed what was once green, it was the change in landscape, which symbolize change in life.. with saying that, the mind and soul would not let go of Cranford. There were two definite things Tenille was sure about for the wedding, the venue her heart desired and the photographer who’s work crawled into her heart before she even met him…she wanted Cranford and had to have Stuart Dods.

On the morning of the wedding, I was greeted by rolling mist as I took my last walk as Ms Venter down to the lapa. A welcomed change to scenery, as today our lives would not change, but be enriched. And this was evident in the arrival at the chapel, with a very emotional groom, our bride was re-assured she had the man she needed and loved waiting at the end of the aisle. The ceremony was light-hearted and the day more beautiful than I could ever have imagined.

Ebin & Tenille001 Ebin & Tenille002 Ebin & Tenille003 Ebin & Tenille004 Ebin & Tenille005 Ebin & Tenille006 Ebin & Tenille007 Ebin & Tenille008 Ebin & Tenille009 Ebin & Tenille010 Ebin & Tenille011 Ebin & Tenille012 Ebin & Tenille013 Ebin & Tenille014 Ebin & Tenille015 Ebin & Tenille016 Ebin & Tenille017 Ebin & Tenille018 Ebin & Tenille019 Ebin & Tenille020 Ebin & Tenille021 Ebin & Tenille022 Ebin & Tenille023 Ebin & Tenille024 Ebin & Tenille025 Ebin & Tenille026 Ebin & Tenille027 Ebin & Tenille028 Ebin & Tenille029 Ebin & Tenille030 Ebin & Tenille031 Ebin & Tenille032 Ebin & Tenille033 Ebin & Tenille034 Ebin & Tenille035 Ebin & Tenille036 Ebin & Tenille037 Ebin & Tenille038 Ebin & Tenille039 Ebin & Tenille040 Ebin & Tenille041

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