Drisha & Ians Urban Themed shoot

Drisha & Ians Urban Themed shoot

So Ian and Drisha are from the City of Gold and are getting married in February. They wanted to take advantage of their conceptual shoot and decided upon an Urban theme which I thought was really cool and opened up a whole lot of opportunities in the city. So what your about to see if the result of a sunrise morning shoot around Durbans CBD area. I was really happy with the result and hope this leaves you both with some lasting memories.

Thanks for choosing me guys and looking forward to Feb 🙂

Ian_Drisha001 Ian_Drisha002 Ian_Drisha003 Ian_Drisha004 Ian_Drisha005 Ian_Drisha006 Ian_Drisha007 Ian_Drisha008 Ian_Drisha009 Ian_Drisha010 Ian_Drisha011 Ian_Drisha012 Ian_Drisha013 Ian_Drisha014 Ian_Drisha015 Ian_Drisha016 Ian_Drisha017 Ian_Drisha018 Ian_Drisha019 Ian_Drisha020 Ian_Drisha021 Ian_Drisha022 Ian_Drisha023 Ian_Drisha024 Ian_Drisha025 Ian_Drisha026 Ian_Drisha027 Ian_Drisha028

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