Donovan and Llianri

Donovan and Llianri

Donovan and Llianri met while Donovan was working with Llianri’s brother as a bar tender. Llianri, being fresh out of high school and Donovan, busy with his studies, hit it off immediately. 5 and a half years later Donovan popped the question on Christmas eve of 2014. Donovan and Llianri knew immediately that a winter wedding was what they wanted and straight away started hunting for venues.

After narrowing it down to 5 venues they spent a weekend in the Midlands viewing all 5 venues, but when they walked into Cranford Country Lodge, they knew this was it! At the time Cranford was busy constructing their new reception venue, now known as the Great Room. Without even seeing the finished venue they booked their big day….. 4th June 2016!

Everyone tried to prepare us for what a special day it would be but we could never have comprehended how magical it would actually be! Absolutely everything was perfect (and if something did go wrong, we never knew about it, and still dont.) Everyone, from the staff at the venue, to the make up and hair ladies, to the videographer and most certainly the photographer, did everything that they could do to ensure that the day went off without a hitch.

We had a realisation on that day….. It doesn’t matter how expensive the dress is, or how beautiful the decor is…… what really matters is that we had every single person that we love and care about, both family and friends, in the same place at the same time to celebrate our love and that, will never happen again!



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