Dave and Leigh Day Wedding

Dave and Leigh

Dave and Leigh met a few times through a mutual friend, and started hanging out and getting to know each other over the summer holidays. They soon realised that they had a lot in common – from business to music interests and a shared love for God – it wasn’t long before a romance began to develop.

They decided to take their relationship slowly, to pray about it, and let God guide their decisions but there was no denying that they were meant for each other. After 5 months of dating, David surprised Leigh with a proposal at his flat. This was not just any proposal – he had decked the place out with candles, fairy lights and Chinese lanterns – creating a really intimate and romantic setting. With all of this thoughtfulness (especially the chocolates) Leigh obviously said yes! Dave then took her to the Oyster Box Hotel, where all her closest friends and family were waiting to congratulate the happy couple.

The two decided not to waste any time and started looking around for venues the following weekend (yes, these two really don’t delay!) The first venue they looked at was Cranford Country Lodge. It was everything they were looking for and coincidentally had an opening a month later. Dave and Leigh decided to bravely accept the challenge and organise the entire wedding in a month… yes you heard right! (well five weeks to be precise).

Leigh was incredibly focused and managed to put together the wedding they both had hoped for (with a little help from Dave) – small, intimate, and with all of their closest friends and family in attendance – it really was a beautiful, peaceful and blessed day. Everything ran smoothly and naturally, very much like their relationship had developed, and they enjoyed every minute of their special day.

They are now looking forward to everything the future has to offer as Mr & Mrs Palmer… and are not looking to plan anything else any time soon 😉


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