Chantal & James

Chantal & James

I hadn’t met with the couple prior to the day as James was overseas at the time. He is an Irish lad and lives with his beautiful wife Chantal abroad. They were very excited about having their wedding at Tala with the African setting and they weren’t let down when the rhinos made a more than close appearance for us during their creative shoot.

The weather turned a bit grey and chilly but being from the UK they braved it and the shoot and wedding went off a great success. The reception was enjoyed by all and the dance floor was kept abuzz with all the family and friends partying the night away.

Hope you guys love your picks and thanks for choosing me to share your special day with you xx

Chantal & James001 Chantal & James002 Chantal & James003 Chantal & James004 Chantal & James005 Chantal & James006 Chantal & James007 Chantal & James008 Chantal & James009 Chantal & James010 Chantal & James011 Chantal & James012 Chantal & James013 Chantal & James014 Chantal & James015 Chantal & James016 Chantal & James017 Chantal & James018 Chantal & James019 Chantal & James020 Chantal & James021 Chantal & James022 Chantal & James023 Chantal & James024 Chantal & James025 Chantal & James026 Chantal & James027 Chantal & James028 Chantal & James029 Chantal & James030 Chantal & James031 Chantal & James032 Chantal & James033 Chantal & James034 Chantal & James035 Chantal & James036 Chantal & James037 Chantal & James038 Chantal & James039 Chantal & James040 Chantal & James041 Chantal & James042 Chantal & James043 Chantal & James044

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