Carmen & Grant

Carmen & Grant

Carmen & Grant met in Durban three years ago, and due to quite a large age difference between them were originally convinced that their crush would not amount to more than a friendship. Needless to say, they realised quickly that they were perfect for each other, and have since shared a blissful life together in which they have grown to become best friends and soul mates. Grant and Carmen wanted to get married in the bushveld, because they both love being around natural beauty and wanted to get married in a place that reflected their love of the outdoors and Africa. When they discovered Bonamanzi Game Park, they were blown away by the rustic beauty of the ceremony and reception locations, and also by the excellent customer service that they received from the staff at the lodge. In the end, their wedding day was everything that Grant and Carmen could ever have wished for: fun and relaxed. It was such a special and joyous occasion, and the atmosphere was one of unity, spirituality and love.

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