Caelie & Daniel

Caelie & Daniel

Caelie & Daniel met in 2012 ….when asked Dan describes this as the year the world was meant to be ending but his was just beginning. How it all happened…

Caelie would go to the UKZN rugby club to watch her best friends husband play rugby, and she was none the wiser that Daniel had been asking around about who she was. They would occasionally catch eachothers eye but it took a couple of cold beersand a few tequila shots at Tiger Tigerfor Dan to build up the courage to talk to her. They drank, danced and had the best conversations they had ever had.  He loved the fact she was not afraid to ask him questions about how he felt about marriage and children because he was so ready to find the one and so was she. From that night on they were inseparable.

They dated, travelled and then moved in together and not long after Daniel proposed on the 17th August 2013.They both discussed where the perfect wedding venue for them would be and with what can only be described as full of fun, love to party, crazy friends and family they wanted to make a weekend of it. The bar had to be in the venue, the Dance floor had to be happening and the view had to be spectacular and there was only one venue that met all their demands and that was Tala Game Reserve.

Dan and Caelie felt to truly get a sense of who they are as a couple they wanted to add in some quotes from their closest friends. When asked to comment on Dan and Caelie as a couple:

  • ‘Passsionate, crazy, uninhibited love’-Bridesmaid
  • ‘Made for eachother cutie pies’-Mutual Friend
  • ‘Bring the best out in each other. Perfect Match’-Mutual Friend
  • ‘Wild’-Maid of Honor
  • ‘Two people who were lucky enough to find their soul mate when so many others search forever’- Groom’s Mom
  • ‘Simple: In Love.’- Bride’s Mom

“We would describe our wedding day as nothing less than perfect. After 10 months of planning we would saythat it would be impossible to pick a favourite part of our day – the walk down the aisle, the ‘I DO’s, fun on the creative shoot, first dance, speeches and having the biggest party of our lives as husband and wife- Priceless”.

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