Andrew & Nicole

Andrew & Nicole

Andrew & Nicole first met when Nicole went for an interview for a position in Andrew’s company in December 2006.  Andrew was taken at “hello”, and Nicole got the job.  Not long after that there was a brief romance which ended shortly before Andrew left to go on a solo motorbike expedition for a few months.  Nicole had moved jobs to another company, and over the next couple of years their paths crossed and parted a few times.  Around late 2010 they decided to give the relationship another try. The relationship grew stronger every day from there.  On a day trip to the Midlands in December 2012, Andrew proposed to Nicole as they sat down to a picnic together with Nicole’s son Korbin. They were engaged for 6 months before setting a date, and the preferred month to get married in was June/July, so had to wait for the following year to tie the knot.

Nicole always wanted a beach wedding, but decided to have a look at a few other venues.  They looked at the Orchid House at Collisheen Estate in Ballito, and fell in love with the quaintness, and old style of the property straight away.  The day was such a magical experience for both of them, their family and friends.  It had a wonderful energy to it, and also brought together family and friends from near and far that hadn’t seen each other for many years.  It touched a few hearts and they both hope it made some positive changes in peoples lives. The weather was perfect, everyone looked amazing, and the Collisheen staff were very  professional with exemplary service, and not to mention the food was delicious.

There was a lot of positive feedback from the guests saying that the day was filled with “so much love” and people are still talking about what an amazing day it was.

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