Andrew & Natalie

Andrew & Natalie

Andrew & Natalie met over 9 years ago whilst partying up a storm at the Durban night club, Pop Art. Little did they know but that chance meeting on the dance floor would be the start of something very special and would define the next few years of their lives.After months of flirting and texting whilst Andrew was in Cape Town and Natalie still in Durban, they finally made their relationship official in December 2005 and dated like normal, same couples date for the next 6 months i.e. same 021 area code.Then, without much of a strategy, they gave the long-distance dating model a bash… twice… proving that two people can make the impossible possible if they are both willing to sacrifice, talk openly and honestly, trust wholeheartedly, and above all fight for what they want. After 3 ½ years of travelling to and from Durban and Cape Town, and then another 14 months of flights between Durban and Guernsey they realised that no matter what it took, they had to be together in the same country, let alone the same place.  So finally reunited in February 2012, they shared the long delayed revelation… the revelation being that it took over 9 years since they first met and many miles to acknowledge that some things and some people are just meant to be… and now they will share the same zip code forever.They were sold the first time they saw Bellwood Stud, a romantic wedding venue in Nottingham Road. No other place came close to ticking all their boxes… a quaint wedding chapel and honeymoon cottage, and accommodation for 80 guests all at the venue; a spotless reception hall overlooking the beautiful backdrop of a dam and rolling hills; horses, Andrew’s favourite animal, roaming the fields around them; and a Bellwood team so willing to help make their wedding day dreams come true.  The wedding day was everything Andrew and Natalie wanted, and so much more… filled with the love and joy of friends and family, roaring laughter and of course all night partying and dancing until 2am. They both smiled and laughed the whole way through and wouldn’t change a thing… except that they would love relive it all over again!!!

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